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What am I giving up for Lent
Jesus, you loved me so much that you died for my sins and rose again so I might share in eternal life with you, the Father and the Holy Spirit.  May these Stations of the Cross help me to realize that love.

At each station, think about what happened to Jesus.  Think about how he suffered for us and how much he loves us.

At each station say:
               1 Our Farther
               1 Hail Mary and
               1 Glory to the Father

Before each Station, genuflect and say:
"We adore you, Jesus because by Your cross, You have redeemed the world".
1 st Station
Jesus is condemned to death
2nd Station
Jesus takes up his cross
3rd Station
Jesus falls the first time
4th Station
Jesus meets his mother
5th Station
Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus
6th Station
Veronica wipes Jesus' faith
7th Station
Jesus falls a second time
8th Station
Jesus meets the sorrowing women
9th Station
Jesus talls the third time
10th Station
Jesus' clothes are torn from him
11th Station
Jesus is nailed to the cross
12th Station
Jesus dies on the cross
13th Station
Jesus is taken from the cross
14th Station
Jesus is laid in the tomb